This Is the End

Coolaboola Coffee has run it’s course. It is very much the end of an era.

I’ll be honest, it has taken me a while to sit down and write this. There were a bunch of emotions far too raw and I really didn’t want to publish an angry post so I’ve let the dust settle a bit.

Things at Coolaboola have been tough for a few years, footfall was down as various offices shut and businesses moved out of town for cheaper rents, but we were keeping our heads above water, and Danny had been doing a great job running Jesmond. Bills were being paid, wages were covered.

Then Covid hit.

I don’t need to go into details here I’m sure, but for the record I will say that we acted quickly and decisively. We shut earlier than most in a decision driven by the underlying health issues of our staff. We simply weren’t prepared to gamble with their health when so little was known about the virus at that point in time.

We contacted our landlord and explained why we had taken swift action and requested support with our rent. This is when things got funky. I would love to go into the full details here—we did get some rent relief for a few months of the lockdown but as part of that we had to sign a confidentiality agreement. What I can say is that the derisory support offered, and the manner in which it was offered was the final straw for us. As far as we were concerned this was the end of our 14-year relationship with Nexus.

Despite the uncertain economic situation, we swiftly found someone interested in taking over and were able to do a deal. They have great plans, and looking at how the Jesmond area has shifted from office-based to residential over the last few years I’m sure they will be very successful.

To be honest, our biggest regret is not being able to say goodbye to all our lovely regulars. We would have loved a big blow-out last day of trading and celebrated all that was achieved and the friendships gained.

Danny landed a new job very quickly, Ryan is back home in the US, and Lu and I have been working in our previous industries for several years now. By the way, we have kept hold of the Coolaboola name and brand, so never say never….

So stay safe folks. Look after each other, and let’s get out more when it’s safe to do so. Go out of your way to support independent businesses and most of all, be nice to each other!


Ru & Lu

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This Is the End