Summer Holidays

Since we opened in August 2006 (yup, you read that right…2006) we have always stayed open when sensible to do so (xmas week is a good example of when it’s just not worth our while).

Every August, specifically the four days following the August bank holiday are dead. People are on holidays, school results season is over, no students around and lecturers and other uni staff are recharging their batteries before the return of said students and all they bring with them.

Every year, we’ve stayed open but to be honest it has never been worth our while. It’s our worst trading week of the year. So every year I declare, “this is the last time. Next August we’re shutting down for those four days”. Of course, we never do…or never have done up until now. This year, we’re going all continental and shutting the business down for a week.

So, yesterday afternoon Danny locked everything down and is taking himself away for a few days break. The team are all having a holiday and getting set to be back in action for Monday Sept 3rd.

Until then, have a great week, chances are most of you reading this are taking that week off too!

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Summer Holidays
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