our coffee

our coffeewe use revelation beans by union hand roasted;

“a phenomenal dark roast espresso giving complex floral aromatics, ripe red fruit notes of cherry and a dark caramel treacle-like body to leave you with a sweet enduring finish. enriches a cappuccino or latte to perfection. these are mostly fully-washed coffees selected around the 3 major producing regions: liberación and san jeronimo from latin america that gives the delicate honeyed syrup flavours. gashonga rwanda provides the floral aromatics and enough snap to give a gentle sparkle to the cup. gajah mountain from aceh, a semi washed coffee that imparts sweet lustrous mouth feel and weight to balance against the latina and african coffees.”

for us, the beauty of using this blend is its wonderful ability to hold it’s own in a larger drinks, but also to stand alone as a pure espresso shot.

unlike many other coffee bars, we use two shots of espresso in all our regular drinks, and three shots in our large…if you order a larger coffee then you should have one made to the same ratio, not just a larger milkier coffee with no more caffeine!

our wonderful filter coffee is union spirit, again from union hand roasted;

“it’s comprised of exquisite coffees from cooperative asprotimana, colombia;  san jeronimo micromill, costa rica and cooperative cocagi, rwanda. it’s first-rate for enjoying as a filter brew method at any time of day bringing floral and dried plum aromas that are greeted by fruit and milk chocolate flavour notes, ending with a fresh and clean finish.”

oh, and lets not forget our hot choc…made with chocolate syrup (not powder) and served with cream and mini marshmallows (free of charge!!!)

you can contact us on info@coolaboola.co.uk or for exclusive offers and promotions as well as up to date news on our expansion plans follow us on twitter or facebook.