onwards and upwards

originally posted on february 23rd 2010

last friday night i was eagerly awaiting confirmation of our inclusion in this years ‘top 50 coffee shops’ in the independent. i had a kind of tip off that we would be in, but had to wait until publication to be sure. at midnight i did a search and found that the piece had been published online. flicking though the pages on my iphone, there was a feeling of growing excitement and fear until there it was; page 35……coolaboola!

for the record folks, the top 50 was not in numerical order but was grouped geographically!

i excitedly posted links on our facebook and twitter accounts and then had a message of congratulations from will king….founder of king of shaves. after asking him for any tips (he is the guy who decided to go head to head with gillette in the mens shaving market!), he advised me to get our message out there and communicate what we are about to as many people as possible….

so here it is, the first coolaboola blog. i’m sure this will adapt over time, but for now my aim is to create a space for team coolaboola to talk about our coffee, the estates our coffee beans come from and let our regulars (and new friends) know more about us and what we stand for. I’m hoping to keep coffee geekery to a minimum, but instead help the average coffee lover develop their knowledge and understanding and find out why we do what we do.

We are also looking forward to getting small batches of single estate coffees  from our friends at union hand roasted over the coming months, and will be posting our thoughts on these and inviting you guys to come by and try them out for yourselves.


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